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The Most Powerful Erectile Dysfunction Treatment - Viagra Super Active. Drug specially developed for men leading an active sexual life.

Viagra Super Active 100mg - a new version of the famous Sildenafil. The drug is available in gelatin capsules, which allows even greater enhancement of the effect. It is prescribed to men of any age group for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The new formula of the drug on natural ingredients repeatedly increases the desire and passion during sexual intercourse. Sildenafil Super Active begins to act only in the presence of sexual arousal.

Viagra Super Active
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Since Viagra Super Active contains two active components - viagra and dapoxetine - then the effect of using super viagra is also double. First, viagra makes an erection strong and stable, and secondly, dapoxetine prolongs the time of this very erection.

In other words, Viagra Super Asset is both a stable erection and a long sexual intercourse.

Viagra super active is not addictive physical nature, has no significant side effects and can be used by men of different age categories. It is worth trying once the action of the drug and feels like a sexual giant, after which you will want to repeat the strong effect with each partner. You can buy viagra super asset in Vladivostok with delivery in the city. The dosage of the medication is set strictly on an individual basis.

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In Europe, the United States, Canada and other developed countries of the world, Viagra Super Active is sold for many years and enjoys well-deserved popularity.

By itself, viagra (sildenafil citrate) does not prolong sexual intercourse but only increases the potency and stabilizes the erection. Men after 40 years often complain that during sexual intercourse, the member gradually loses firmness and elasticity, the erection disappears. This age-related phenomenon is easily eliminated by taking viagra, cialis or levitra. All these drugs stabilize the erection, in other words, make it possible to conduct full sexual intercourse before ejaculation with a firm and strong erection.

The presence of super viagra in the composition prolongs the time of sexual intercourse. You do not need to think that Your penis can suddenly become sluggish, that the erection can suddenly disappear.

Viagra Super Active is recommended primarily for men leading an active sexual life. You can also recommend this drug to those men who do not have regular sexual intercourse. Since it has long been known that sexual abstinence weakens the potency and destabilizes the erection. Therefore, andrologists recommend using stabilizing drugs for prolonged absence of sexual contact. Viagra Super Asset is the best fit for such cases.

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Can I take viagra with alcohol

Alcohol — the oldest companion of man, included in a tight symbiosis with our society. Official meetings, parties, holidays, romantic dates: is it possible to imagine them without a bottle of wine, champagne or something stronger? Of course, there are staunch teetotalers — they will power can only envy.

And yet, let's be honest: sex and alcohol almost always complement each other. Alcohol can loosen you up, helps to establish contact, to avoid embarrassment and even admit to each other feelings. There is a downside, is known to everyone: alcohol reduces erection that in some situations it may ruin all the plans.

That is why many men are turning their attention to specialty drugs to improve erections: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and their generics. Extra confidence never hurts, right? Alas, but even productive of these drugs warn that they are not compatible with alcohol.

Try to understand — how true it is. Can I take Viagra Super Active with alcohol, and if not — then what are the alternatives? Today, the market features dozens of different generics, constantly developing new drugs, we are searching for better and safer substances. Hard to imagine that amid all this diversity can not find the tools that you can take together with alcoholic beverages.

The wonders of pharmaceuticals: how does Viagra Super Active?

1 Before responding to the question about the compatibility of Viagra Super Active and alcohol, it is necessary to understand how this medicine enhances male erection. The appearance of erection is a complex mechanism that involves several parts of the nervous system. If you do not go into unexplored until the end of the biological and reflex reactions, we can say that an erection is the result of a strong increase in blood flow to the penis. Responsible for this special muscles, which are reduced after receiving a signal from the brain.
2 In a normal, "relaxed" state, the blood flow in the penis is controlled by special enzymes PDE-5. They are responsible for the collapse of the stimulating excitation substances (mainly nitric oxide), thus preventing the occurrence of spontaneous erections. It is here that the game takes Viagra Super Active, or rather sildenafil citrate, the main active ingredient in the composition of this drug.
3 Sildenafil reacts to PDE-5, inhibits their activity and temporarily increases the concentration of free molecular of nitric oxide in the penile tissues. Nitric oxide, in turn, plays the role of a "signal beacon" he gently irritating the walls of blood vessels and relaxes the muscular system. The result of such complex biochemical chain reactions in the tissues of the penis significantly increases blood circulation that triggers the natural mechanism of erection.
4 The last phrase I want to emphasize: sildenafil does not cause an erection, it only activates the natural processes that lead to its occurrence. Due to this quality, drugs based on sildenafil has gained immense popularity. On their side the lack of severe side effects, zero impact on metabolism and hormonal balance. Besides, sildenafil completely eliminated from the body within days, not leaving behind any traces.

Not to drink: how alcohol interacts with sildenafil

Despite all the positive qualities sildenafil, it also has disadvantages. We are interested in the biological availability of sildenafil, and its interaction with other drugs and of course alcohol.

Let's start with the fact that sildenafil citrate is absorbed for a long time from taking the pill until the noticeable effects may take up to an hour or even two. In addition, if you take Viagra Super Active immediately after a meal, then the entire concentration of sildenafil (most often 100 mg in one pill) in the blood will go less than 50%. That is not sufficient to improve erections, and it is for this reason, the first item in the instructions for use of Viagra Super Active or any generic recommendation is to refrain from eating for several hours prior to use. Nice, but can be adapted. Besides, having sex on a full stomach — not the best idea, but a light meal is unlikely to have a negative impact on the effectiveness of sildenafil.

But other drugs have sildenafil a more serious relationship. Firstly, Viagra Super Active should not be taken together with such medicines like nitroglycerin: they mutually increase the effectiveness of each other, which can result in serious overdose and heart problems. Here we come close to the hero of this article: alcohol. The fact that alcohol and sildenafil did not react. It would seem — here it, the answer to our question.

Unfortunately, much more complicated. The first reason Viagra should not be taken together with alcohol: the excessive load on the cardiovascular system. Even a healthy human body, in this case, is subjected to this violence is needless to say that if you have any heart problems, alcohol and Viagra completely incompatible. In addition, sildenafil as alcohol is excreted by the liver. Drinking alcohol along with Viagra, you actually condemn your liver on double duty, making it unlikely to be happy.

But most importantly: alcohol slows down sildenafil absorption, and reduces its efficiency, slowing of reflex reactions responsible for the occurrence of erection. In total we have the following arguments against the combined use of Viagra and alcohol:

  • Increased load on the heart and liver;
  • Decline in the effectiveness of sildenafil;
  • The decline in the quality of erection.

But do not despair and become sober. A couple of glasses of good wine is not a reason to refuse to accept Viagra Super Active. In addition, today there a number of modern drugs to enhance erection. They are not only compatible with alcohol, but show a more impressive performance, and, thus, have almost no contraindications and side effects. Let us consider the most interesting of them: because the choice is really huge, and stay on a specific drug is difficult.

Medically reviewed by Dr Joshua J. Alexander, MD Last updated on Feb 05, 2020.